美国达拉斯商业项目 Dallas Victory Block

Planned and built in the 70s, Victory District at Dallas faces great challenge to design a new master plan and activate the area adjacent to American Airlines Center. The master plan considers Victory Avenue as a pedestrian-friendly commercial street, which links the two public programs, American Airlines Plaza and Victory Park. A new mixed-use Tower with Cinema was also designed to further vitalize the spine.

Two blocks from American Airline Center, is the green heart of the district, the Victory Park. The master plan has allowed a 100m-tall mixed-use tower to be designed facing the park. As one of the most luxury residential product in the neighborhood, it also has a 7-story podium that houses other commercial programs, including cinema, restaurants and parking. As an important district attraction, the planning of the interweaving programs and circulation for pedestrian and car, has been the key to the project.