澳门海傍市民中心竞赛 Macau Seaside Civic Centre






The Fun Palace,是给想要制造趣味,需要更多DIY空间的人们,更自由和舒适的特色空间。它重新拉近了澳门人与水的距离,营造了一座临海而生,通透又有趣的水边宫殿。


mOOO Fun Palace – Design Concept

Macau is a fascinated coastal city. Walking on the street, the yellow Portuguese-style 4-story buildings are decorated with passionate tropical trees. It seems to be a wonderland packed with high-end casinos and hotels. The splendid gambling culture has made people forget about the beautiful coastline and sea view belong to the city.

The seafront has been taken by the capitalism market. The skyline creates a barrier between the old city centre and the new reclaimed land. The intention of this proposal is to make an attraction, that breaks the barrier, and gives the seaside land back to the public. This place is fun and generous and can evolve to meet local people’s changing needs. It is a place, also a fun palace.

Turning from Sun Yat-Sen Avenue, the visitors can walk/drive/bike into the building through a courtyard surrounded by arch colonnade and tropical trees. Inside this building of open platforms, they can DIY their own space. Young entrepreneurs can have WEWORK space here. Students can gather and use it as a study room. The office worker can come after work to have a yoga with meditation… There is no defined function but numerous possibilities.

What is more, the top part of the platform is a public outdoor pool, with beautiful deck cantilevered to appreciate the ocean and Taipa skyline at the same time. Connected to the seafront with a grand stair, this pool relinks people’s daily life to the water and ocean physically and visually.


Along the coastline of this reclaimed land, there is an elegant arched palace with a roof-top pool open to the public. This is a striking landmark for new possibilities to revive the city with fun and flexible social spaces. It is a place, and a fun palace, that belongs to the people.